Cosplay COntest

2pm - 3:30pm

  A cosplay contest is not only a great way to show off your cosplay skills but also a great way to have fun! Even if you decide not to participate in the cosplay contest, you can still enjoy watching the show.

How Does It Work?

  To participate in the cosplay contest you must be a registered attendee at the convention before signing up and complete a google form in order to reserve your spot in the contest. Additionally, at least 40% of your cosplay must be made by you or by hand - not bought. This is to allow those who can't make cosplays 100% from scratch to participate. 

  You may sign up as a duo, you and one other person, but this does not increase your chance of "winning".


Please read all the rules before participating to ensure a safe and smooth event.


General Rules

  • No jumping or running on and off stage.

  • Let's keep it clean, no disrespectful actions please, and no mess is to be left on stage. Anything that touches the stage must be easy to remove for the next performance.

  • This contest is judging what you can make, not what you can buy, at least 40% of your costume must be made by you.

  • Surprise the audience, don't surprise the crew. If there is any part of your performance you're unsure about please contact and clear it with us first. We're happy to make sure you're all squared away.

  • Be here on time, please, if you have a costume emergency find a judge or staff member and let us know, we'll do what we can to help you and get you ready to go on time.

  • Let's keep this safe for everyone, no throwing things at the audience.

Participant Rules

  Judging is based on craftsmanship, technique, and aesthetic. Contestants will arrive 15-30 minutes early (depending on how many apply) for judging. Judges will ask what pieces are made and what's bought, as well as what techniques were used to create the handmade pieces. While they ask questions they'll get a close look at the costumes, assessing the craftsmanship and cleanliness of the pieces. They may ask for permission to touch the costume but may not touch without permission. Points will be awarded for each of the three categories and bonus points may be awarded for walk on performance.


  Once costumes are judged the contestants will line up for the walk-ons, each one will be assigned a number when they apply, they'll then line up in this order so judges can easily award bonus points to contestants as they go down the list. Contestants may walk across the stage and strike a couple poses, but are encouraged to keep their small performance under a minute. 


  At the time of application each contestant desiring audio for their walk will add a link to a YouTube video, the links will be added to a list in order. If a contestant wants a specific part of an audio they can link the specific time in the YouTube video. Audios must be 13+. No extremely vulgar language, including racial slurs, and no politics please, we're all just here to have fun. We will screen all audios and contact you if your audio doesn't meet these guidelines.


  After all contestants are finished with their walk-ons judges will deliberate and agree on a first, second, third, and honorable mention winners based on points awarded in addition to their own discretion.